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Booking policy
  • Suggestion: Please reserve as early as possible:
    • In high season one month before
    • In low season one week before
  • Check in time:  1:30 pm, Check out time:  12:00 am
  • To make the reservation sure you have to deposit 50% of the cost of your whole stay in our bank account
  • Hotel Cielo Azul does not accept checks
  • We will give you the account number in our answer to your booking
  • We book your room until you make the deposit
    • For maximum 1 day in high season
    • For maximum 3 days in low season
  • Once the deadline is over, your reservation will be cancelled
  • You have the possibility to change or to cancel your reservation:
    • In  high season minimum two weeks before
    • In low season minimum 3 days before
  • We will give you your money back if you cancel  on time; 10% of the 50% of the cost of the stay you had planed plus the cost of the money transfer will be charged to you.
  • Money transfers from other countries:
    • The costs of the money transfers are assumed by the clients 
    • We recommend Western Union,  banks charge more
  • Upon making your deposit  you are accepting  the  Hotel Cielo Azul booking policy.

Hotel Cielo Azul
Av. 21 de Noviembre
Atacames, Esmeraldas, Ecuador
+593 62 731 813 / 099 466 2783