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Activities in Atacames

On the beach

  • Beach futball
  • Beach volleyball

In the water

  • Surf
  • Banana riding
  • Paddle boats
  • Boat trips to the bird island of Súa
  • It is possible to watch the humpback whales from june till october on the ecuadorian coasts and especially at the coast of Atacames. The Humpback whales migrate more than 7.000 km every year from the cold waters of Antarctica to the warmer waters off the coast of Ecuador. The whales travel this distance to give birth to their cubs and for their courtship and mating. The males show their strenght by breaching to impress the females.

Places of interest in Atacames

  • Isla de los pájaros ("Bird Island" close to Súa)
  • Peñon del Suicida (Suicide Rock, beautiful view all over Atacames)
  • Cueva del Amor ("cave of love", grotto close to Súa)
  • Sendero de la casa verde ("path of the green house" boatride to and walk through the mangroves)
  • La cueva del Duende (cave of gnomes, archaeological place close to La Unión)
  • Playa ancha (beach at Tonsupa)
  • Castelnovo (beach close to Tonsupa)
  • Same and Tonchigue (traditional fishing villages)
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